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   What does training mean?  
   Tests - free evaluations for
  puppies and adult dogs
   Dog Socializing  
   The pet discipline  
   Preparing dog for security
  and protection
   Ring training for
  beauty contests
   Hunting trainings  
   Exhibition training for
  working exams: BH, Schutz
   Guide dogs training
  for blind people
   Recovering the dogs with
  behavior problems

About us

Why us? Because we have the required experience, dedication and patience. Because we are professionals and we have a complete training team available. Because the dog is our utmost concern!
If you visit this site , it also means you appreciate and love dogs, just like us.

The Kris Company was set up in 1992 upon Cristian O.'s initiative, who is also the manager thereof. Although the school has been operating for so many years, following the complete training programs provided by the company trainers, more than 4000 dogs of 75 breeds have "graduated" this school, as each dog has managed to amaze its master with the way such training was accumulated.

In outstanding conditions, Kris Company has 3 modern, fully equipped training schools, covering a 2500sqm -8000sqm area, 5 pension houses and 4 flats for dogs and cats equipped at the highest standard for Romania, 12 special vehicles for dog transport, modern training equipments, presentation catalogues for breeds. As part of the training a hurdle track is included and the entire range of accessories required for the proper carrying out of the training activities.

The Kris trainers are extremely dynamic and skilful persons, people with patience in the art of training, dog lovers and, last but not least, every one of them owns at least two dogs.

We have been surrounded by dogs all our lives, but an outstanding dog managed to change each of our lives, a dog that allowed us to enter the mysteries of communicating with these formidable animals. Training means communication based on respect, knowledge in the field and especially fair-play.

From the very beginning, services of the school covered both group and individual training, either with the dog accommodated in one of our pensions, or the company staff traveling to the client's residence.

Ever since we started the training activities for pets, utilitarian dogs, dogs for contests or guard and protection dogs, we have never stopped studying, because these dogs never cease to amaze us with their brightness and personality and their way of communicating with us, humans. We know that during the training lesson, we should not abdicate from the saying "An iron hand in a velvet glove".

The dog is a permanent source of joy, it can add extra safety to an ever-changing society, it may chase away the stress after a hard day's work or it can be a loyal friend whenever you need it.

Dogs manage to bring quality to our urban life.

In time, we have come to understand that for training it is not enough only to love these wonderful animals but also to technically master the art of training. You have to understand and respect them, so that they could learn for pleasure, not through violent methods.

Our utmost satisfaction is at the end, when the dog has completed training, and it is prepared to attend national and international contests with us, as well as the master's smile of content when the dog wins.

We would like to thank you for visiting our site and we hope you will be satisfied with all the services provided by the Kris Company.



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