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Canin Kris
Tests - free evaluations for puppies and adult dogs, regardless of the breed

The pet discipline

Preparing dog for security and protection

Ring training for beauty contests

Hunting trainings

Exhibition training for working exams: BH, Schutz 1, 2, 3

Recovering the dogs with behavior problems

Luxury pension houses for cats and dogs

Dog-sitter services

Taxi dog services

Canine education

Canine psychology

The rapport between dog and cat

Canine personality

Canine communication

Canine aggressiveness

About dogs

Children and dogs

Veterinarian cabinets
   Vet ambulance  
   1st district  
   2nd district  
   3rd district  
   4th district  
   5th district  
   6th district  

6th district

Geo's Medical Vet Cabinet & Pet shop - str. Brasov, nr.24, mob. 0723.141.420 ( Moghioros area )

Dr. Comsa Alexandru Vet Cabinet & Pet shop - mob. 0722.488.537 ( B-dul Timisoara area )

Rivet Cabinet veterinar & Pet shop - B-dul Iului Maniu, nr.94-100, parter, mob. 0730.294.245, tel. 031.437.09.27 ( Militari area )

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